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Herzberg Optical has been serving the vision care needs of our community for nearly 100 years. We are a multi-generational practice offering the latest in services and technology as well as the best of traditional and experienced methods for all of your vision care needs. Routine eye exams, contact lens fittings, and a diverse variety of frames and breakthrough lenses for glasses. Doctor Cary Herzberg specializes in extended and specific treatment with expertise in preventative care, ortho-k, contact lenses, treatment of eye diseases, vision rehabilitation and dynamic proactive pediatric eye care.General Practice InformationFor routine eye care needs: annual eye exams, contact lenses and glasses, all to help you get the best vision correction and assistance you needEye Exams which involve the patient as a decision maker. We will make many suggestions giving the patient numerous choices all directed towards solving vision problems. The patient can be a valuable partner in prescribing the most appropriate treatments if they are well informed. The examinations are extensive and will include a case history focusing on both medical and lifestyle concerns.600 Frames on display and latest advances in Lenses including Teflon coated glare free coatings for improved vision at work(computers) or driving at night.3500 sq ft of office space with 5 exam lanes, testing room, large contact lens dispensing area.Contact LensesThe most up to date and developing breakthroughs in contacts are available to you.Soft lenses in stock for immediate dispensingBifocal and monovision lenses for near point clarity at computers or up close readingSpecialty lenses including toric lenses for astigmatism, Rigid Gas Permeable that are comfortable like soft lenses but give better vision and reduce nearsighted dependence( orthokeratology).Preventative Eye CareTaking steps to solve potential problems before they occur.Preschool kids exams to detect lazy eye, cross-eye and nearsightednessLaser facilitated detection equipment for digital imaging of the anterior (Cornea) and posterior (Retina) segments of the eye for early diagnosis and treatmentScanning laser nerve fiber analysis (GDX VCC) allowing earlier detection of GlaucomaEarly detection of Macular degeneration (#1 cause of blindness in people over 60) with red and green laser analysis of the macula.Vision TrainingAdditional therapy beyond contact lenses and glasses.Diagnosis and treatment of eye muscle disorders (muscle balance) which can lead to reading difficulties for children and adults.Diagnosis and treatment of lazy eye utilizing specialized contact lenses or glasses and home vision therapy done by the patient on their computer in the comfort of their own home.Eye DiseasesMany complications and diseases of the eye have little to no early warning symptoms.Scanning lasers to facilitate detection of changes in ocular structures due to diseaseDiagnosis and on going treatment of Glaucoma utilizing scanning laser nerve fiber analysis(GDX)Aggressive diagnosis and treatment of dry eye with the latest drops( eye lubricants), lifestyle changes and improved usage of your natural tears(punctal Occlusion).

ExamsHerzberg Optical offers a complete and thorough eye examination that allows the doctor and patient to work together in order to give the best possible eye care required. We place high importance on patient education. A patient's understanding and involvement in their examination allows us to invoke many different and unique applications of vision care solutions to simple and complex eye care needs.Comprehensive medical examination of the eyeExams offer a complete analysis of case history, covering the health and lifestyle habits of the patient and how they may impact visual needs and their subsequent correction. Extensive pre-testing including color vision, depth perception, visual field and auto refraction. Laser imaging of the Retina for eye disease and scanning of the Optic Nerve for Glaucoma. Complete analysis of refractive state of the eye, the accommodative system, muscle balance testing, phoric positioning of the eyes in both horizontal and vertical modes, extensive near point testing including computer vision analysis. Assessment and treatment options are discussed with the patient and effective therapy prescribed. New technology alternatives to dilation and digital slit lamp photography of the eye.Lens TechnologyThe most current lenses are available at Herzberg Optical supporting superior assistance to what you require in glasses. These include Trivex lenses for greater safety and low distortion as well as new Hi-Index materials for higher prescriptions. Hi-Index materials allow for very thin lens designs with high abbe values(closest to the value of the eye). Special occupational lenses, near variable focus delivering the best intermediate and near with wide fields of view(excellent for computer users). New transition velocity lens for faster changes in sunlight and quicker recovery indoors.FramesThe latest trends and styles combined with optimal comfort and support for your visual needs. Fashionable eyewear from designer names and brands at affordable price ranges. The latest in rimless designs offering light weight and attractive designs. Large variety of sunglasses with special absorptive tints for a diverse amount of applications.Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)It is estimated that over 100 million working Americans suffer from computer eyestrain.In this day and age nearly everyone spends a lot of their time in front of a computer. If you are focusing on a computer screen for more than two hours each day, you may experience some symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Whether it be for school, work, computer games, the internet or a hobby the computer presents a difficult image for the eyes to focus upon. Since the eye cannot correctly focus on an image comprised of pixels, such as a computer screen, the eye goes to it's resting state of focus which is behind the screen. Symptoms of computer eyestrain include: Headaches, loss of focus, tired/dry eyes, double or blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain.. Utilizing a PRIO tester/Kids PRIO tester, we are able to accurately determine the specifications of your focusing needs for your computer screen. Prescribed glasses or contacts can alleviate symptoms and problems commonly caused by CVS.

Myopia control and containment sought with the latest technologies and the most efficacious treatments.Our approach in eye care is proactive, this means that we adopt procedures and methods with the ultimate goal in preventing problems. We may apply this to early glaucoma detection or reducing stress for a child's visual needs. In any case this principle is applied to all patients and answers are sought for all different circumstances and conditions. Our eye examinations and treatments will include steps that a patient may take to prevent potential problems. As the caregiver Dr. Herzberg may include suggestions, treatments, or lifestyle changes that will have a positive impact on the patients visual health.Specialized EquipmentOptos (Ultra Wide Field Digital Imaging) - This system utilizes two lasers( red and green) which scan and digitize the Retina( Back of the eye). This allows your doctor to see any changes to ocular structures due to disease, refractive or aging effects. This state of the art system will revolutionize eye care and best of all it makes dilation unnecessary!GDX Scanning Laser - This laser scans the Optic Nerve head and evaluates the nerve fiber layer. It is this layer of the nerve head which is first impacted in Glaucoma( a disease of high eye pressure). In Glaucoma, which is often symptom less even into its advanced stages, the increased pressure in the eye decreases the blood flow to the optic nerve causing nerve fiber death. Early detection of this disease can save sight.Zeiss-Humphrey Field Analyzer with SWAP - Visual field analysis is still the best way to diagnose and evaluate progress in Glaucoma treatment. The short wave assessment program( swap) is the most sensitive of its type to evaluate changes from Glaucoma.Zeiss-Humphrey and Euclid Topographers - Dr. Herzberg utilizes Corneal typography to evaluate the many curvatures of this remarkable clear window that we view the world through. Our office uses this technology to better fit our gas permeable contacts and evaluate their treatment effects over time. We also use typography in our Corneal rehabilitation specialty which includes Keratoconus( ectasia of the Cornea) and Lasik complications.Konan Spectroscope - The spectroscope is used to evaluate the endothelium of the Cornea. This is the last layer of the Cornea and it is also its most sensitive. Soft contact lens wearers who over wear their lenses and deny the Cornea of necessary oxygen can cause permanent damage to the endothelium. We monitor our patients closely to avoid this outcome.The Laser Network (TLN)Our office belongs to a laser network. This network is comprised of Optometrists and Ophthalmologists who strive to provide the safest and most advanced treatment for our patients who would like the benefits of Lasik. Since we do Corneal rehabilitation on Lasik complications our focus is avoiding this for our patients. Included in our workup for refractive surgery is a session with any prospective patient about how we try to screen out anyone who may have a less then desirable outcome. With the advent of wave front technology Lasik will be more predictable in its outcomes and thus more successful in the future.

With corrective procedures we can improve the potential quality of your child’s vision before and during their school years. The practice stresses early eye examinations and encourages our parents to bring their children in at a young age for their initial eye exam. We can treat both the infant and the young adolescent for potential eye problems. This may include special eye exercises and stress preventing glasses. We also utilize rigid gas permeable lenses as “braces for the eyes” to control or contain myopia.

One of our top priorities is to offer you outstanding vision and comfort for your contact lens needs.We utilize gas permeable contacts because of their superior optical characteristics which provides the best vision and contrast possible. Because they are custom manufactured for each patient they are available in almost unlimited parameters. We also fit bifocal contact lens for the patient that also needs additional help for reading but does not want to have to wear reading glasses over their contact lenses.Soft - Our office utilizes disposable lenses from Vistakon, Ciba, Cooper Vision and Marietta Vision. We offer custom aberration correction soft lenses designed for high prescriptions and bifocal application. We have been actively treating color blindness and learning problems with the Chromagen haploscopic system imported from England. The Ciba night/day lenses offer our patients up to 30 days of continuous safe wear.Rigid Gas Permeables - These are silicone based materials which are customized by our doctors to fit the demanding tasks faced by our patients. They are the perfect answer to correcting the different aberrations presented by the Cornea and visual system. In correcting nearsightedness, astigmatism, spherical aberrations and coma ( the latter being higher order) they deliver outstanding visual acuity. With the introduction of the Menicon Z material we now have a gas permeable material that can be worn up to thirty days continuously. Several studies concluded that this material was the safest for extended wear use.Macrolens - C And H Elite Vision Macrolenses offer superior convenience, comfort and vision quality comparable to soft lenses.The Macrolens is the latest technology in rigid gas-permeable contact lenses. It's large diameter (usually 14mm) offers excellent vision along with comfort and stability that has not been available in rigid lenses before. The macrolens is available in single vision, bifocal and orthokeratology formats.

The ability to see clearly during the day without glasses or contacts at no surgical risk is now a reality.Ortho-K specialized rigid contact lenses gently reshape the front of the cornea while you sleep. The lenses are removed in the morning, eliminating near sightedness and astigmatism and retaining improved visual quality through out the day. Most of the vision improvements comes after the first night of wear and can remain stable all day after just two weeks of night wear. Ortho-K is an important part of our aggressive myopia containments program. Rigid contact lenses have been proven in numerous research studies to slow the progression of near sightedness in most individuals. By starting early when children first start showing a prescription we may be able to reduce much of the nearsightedness they may eventually encounter.

Vision Training has been used in treating crossed-eyes and lazy eye, and now includes binocular vision and visual perception problems.For our patients that require additional therapy beyond contact lenses or glasses, we utilize computerized home based vision training. These programs can correct problems with focusing, perception, visual memory, hand-eye coordination, tracking and convergence-divergence skills. Patients training at home can complete these programs on their own time at their convenience.

Laser diagnostics Gdxvcc in it's screening mode is capable of detecting the early signs of glaucoma earlier then any other testing available. Our optometrists utilize this equipment along with other advanced laser assisted scanning devices of the eye to proactively detect and treat glaucoma in it's earliest stages.Both of our optometrists are certified to treat and prescribe medications for eye diseases such as Glaucoma, pink eye (conjunctivitis), dry eye (Keratitis Sicca) and inflammations of the eye (Iritis). Our office is equipped with digital imaging for both the front of the eye and in the back of the eye (the retina).

Dr. Cary Herzberg O.D.Dr. Herzberg has been in practice for more then thirty years. He completed his Bachelor of Science Degree and his Doctor of Optometry Degree from Illinois College of Optometry in 1969 and 1971. Dr. Herzberg is a leader in the field of contact lenses . A member of the advisory board of RGPLI, design consultant to C and H and co-inventor of the macrolens "elite" and "ok" contact lenses. Dr. Herzberg is President of the Orthokeratology Academy of America, orthokeratology chair of the AOA Contact Lens Section, and an advisory board member of the PRIO corporation.

Phone Number: (630) 851-3338Email: customerservice@herzbergoptical.comHerzberg Optical, LLC2853 E. New York Ave.Suite BAurora, IL 60504Herzberg Optical is located near the intersection of East New York Street, and Eola Road in Aurora, which is approximately 2.5 miles west of Route 59. The office is found behind the Osco Drug Store off of Eola Road, and/or behind the Burger King off of East New York Street.Pictures Taken By Selena